Typhon The Wink of the Storms Eye

The Ambassador to the Confederation of Rivers

Quote: Distinguished representatives of the Confederation of Rivers, I bring dire news.

The Mask of Winters plays a careful balance. He is at once the most overt and the subtlest of the Deathlords, open in his awesome might and the invincibility of his necromantic horde and yet cautiously diplomatic in his dealings with neighbors. He would love to crush them, of course, and the Seventh Legion most of all. But for now, he must content himself with careful games of politics while he amasses enough military force that he can remove his mask and reveal the true face of his intentions to the Scavenger Lands and then the world.

The Day Caste known alternately as Typhon to mortals and the Wink of the Storm’s Eye to his liege and Neverborn masters is a key part of the Mask of Winters’s strategy as Thorns’s ambassador to the Confederation of Rivers, a role the young and rakishly handsome deathknight relishes. Few recognize how vile he really is under his trademark smile, which is precisely why the Mask of Winters chose him for this assignment. It is also telling that the Deathlord selected a Day Caste rather a Moonshadow Caste to represent him to the Confederation of Rivers, electing to keep his actual emissaries to deal with other Deathlords and rival powers that the Mask of Winters deems a true threat while putting a dilettante assassin to walk among the representatives of neighboring countries like a clawstrider amidst cows. One day, the Mask of Winters will give the long-awaited order, and Typhon will slaughter all the diplomats to the Confederation as a contemptuous prelude to the devastation of their nations.

Born to a Realm family that unwisely imagined it could rebel against the Scarlet Empress and failed utterly, forcing the remnant survivors into exile in the Scavenger Lands, the young Typhon tried his hand at petty crime on the streets of Thorns. Then the Mask of Winters conquered the city, and Typhon’s mother once more deluded herself into thinking she could rebel up until the undead shocktroops burst into the rebellion’s pitiful lair and slaughtered it in its infancy. Typhon would have died for trying to protect his mother had the Mask of Winters not seen the boy’s mercenary cruelty and decided to offer him Exaltation.

In his weakness and to his master’s great disgust, Typhon still retains the visage of a living man with tousled brown hair, rosy cheeks and lips that appear full, slightly pouty and eminently kissable. He looks dangerous to be sure, as no one undergoes the Black Exaltation without some predatory refinement, but he seems more like someone who gets away with murder in a figurative rather than literal sense. This lie serves him and the Mask of Winters well and has led many lovers of both genders to their doom. No one will ever find their bodies or prove he was there. Sometimes, though, he secretly hopes a brilliant detective will come along and expose him just so he can just kill everyone and start a new game. It isn’t that he isn’t patient. He just longs for a challenge worthy of his talents.

Typhon The Wink of the Storms Eye

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