Red Jaws

Unseen Protector

Quote: Of course I found you.

An old hunter set out on a winter day. He knew all the dangers that could come to a man alone in the woods, but he was also deeply stubborn. Besides, he needed to eat. A blizzard rose. The nearest cave held a sleeping bear, his knife broke as he tried to cut boughs for a shelter, and he knew he would freeze if he took refuge in a snow-burrow. So the stubborn old hunter set out for home. He knew he would die, but he refused to just give up.

Along the way, he was Exalted. He perceived this as meeting Luna in the form of a boy who walked atop the crust of the snow. Luna told him that his days of hunting for food and money were over: He would hunt greater prey, for a nobler cause. The old hunter never did bother to go home.

The other Lunars called him Red Jaws for the circumstance in which they found him, and the old hunter thought that as good a name as any. His trials proved unexpectedly difficult, for Red Jaws was an extraordinary hunter. He had great physical skills, but also a keen eye and mind to read the faint signs of animals’ activities and a wit to bluff or trick animals into his traps. The Silver Pact settled on the Changing Moon as his caste.

Red Jaws stayed a hunter. The Silver Pact sends other novice Lunars to learn hunting and wilder- ness skills from him, for his prowess is remarkable even by Lunar standards.

The faction called the Swords of Luna gave Red Jaws a chance to use his skills against malignant Fair Folk and monsters out of the Wyld. Across the North, things that hunt men find themselves hunted in turn. The mortal ravagers who capture their fellow humans for fey masters are the Lunar’s special prey. Red Jaws sees it as his mission—his stewardship—to protect the villages and farmsteads of the North from such threats. He does not show himself to the people he protects, however, nor do anything to let them know he has defended them, for he regards glory seeking as childish.

In his human form, Red Jaws looks like a sturdy old man with long gray hair, beard and mustache. A scar crosses one eye, and a ball of moonsilver fills the empty socket. In war form, Red Jaws becomes an eight–foot-tall wolf-man with a red-brown pelt shot with gray. In this form, he seldom wears more than a breechcloth and a harness for his bow and daiklave. In every form, he keeps the scar and the glittering silver eye, along with lupine ears.

Red Jaws

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