Rathess was one of the first cities ever constructed by mortals, and is the last remaining stronghold of the Dragon Kings before their apparent extinction at the end of the Second Age. Buried in the jungles of the South-East, it fell into ruin after the Usurpation destroyed its Solar Exalted allies and the Great Contagion wiped out 90% of its population. Nevertheless, the Dragon Kings continued to reincarnate there, but lacked the society or infrastructure to regain their sentience, making it a place of echoing sadness and savage brutality for centuries before its final destruction.


As mentioned above, the city is home to the last major congregation of Dragon Kings, but few if any of them are sentient.

The Leech Gods, a group of Forbidden Gods that escaped from their confinement during the Great Contagion, rule over the wretched remnants of the city’s human population in the bowels of the city.

A maddened and corrupted member of the Solar Exalted also resides within this city, along with his hobgoblin minions.

Places of Note

The Pyramid of the Sun

The largest structure in Rathess, the Pyramid of the Sun stands at the center of the city and was once the central temple of worship to the Unconquered Sun. The central chamber of the pyramid, known as the Chamber of the Sun, is a ●●● Manse; the hearthstone of which is a Crystal of Legendary Leadership, which is held by Filial Wisdom. The pyramid even holds the still unopened chambers of Queen Merela.

The Pyramid of the Rising Sun

This pyramid stands on the Way of the Sun, six miles east of the Great Pyramid. It also holds one of the gateways to Yu-Shan, which can be opened at dawn on the first day of each season by beings of sufficient Essence. It can also be opened with Charms, spells or at any time during Calibration. The pyramid is a ●● Manse; the hearthstone of which is a Sphere of Courtesans’ Constellation, which is also held by Filial Wisdom.

The Pyramid of the Setting Sun

This pyramid stands on the Way of the Sun, six miles west of the Great Pyramid. The Dragon Kings venerated their other gods here; those that were less than the Unconquered Sun. While it does not contain a gateway to Yu-Shan, it is also a ●● Manse that forms a Stone of the Golden Bier, which is also held by Filial Wisdom.

Interest to Adventurers

Rathess is of particular interest to the returning Solar Exalted, as the Dragon Kings were once their staunch allies and co-religionists in the worship of the Unconquered Sun. Their city is also still rich in First Age wonders, as the inhabitants were once masters of organic and crystalline Magitech, and there may even be relics dating back to before the Primordial War.


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