Exalted: A Watchful Eye

Do not believe what THEY tell you.

History and Science are nothing but candy-coated lies of fearful old men who would make the world into a stark prison to protect us- or maybe themselves?- from the threat of freedom. THEY would tell you that the universe is a sterile void, and their truth and their law are the only truth and the only law.

Open your mind, and remember.

THEY would teach you that the time before now was a time of brutal chaos and bestial savagery, and that THEY saved us all from that, and taught us civilization.

THEY lie.

It was an Era of legend, when heroes walked the face of Creation, and were as unto Gods.

It was an Era before the World was broken to THEIR will.

It was an Era before the magic was lessened, a time before the spirits of men were bent to the yoke.

This is a story of that Era.

This is a story of the Exalted…

The sky over the Blessed Isle darkens with heavy clouds seething with elemental energies of every aspect. Red lightning arcs from these clouds and converges into a colossal likeness of the Empress standing astride the pinnacle of the Imperial Mountain. The iconic countenance that most of Creation sees stares scornfully at those beneath and speaks in a thunderous voice that half of Creation hears. “My Children, My subjects, people of all creation: Fall Silent! Hear me, your Scarlet Empress, champion of creation, eternal ruler of the Blessed Isle! For years, I turned my face from this world to commune with the dragon of my aspect and his four equal peers! And now, with my return from meditative isolation this lawless tumult ends! Today I set right the crumbling hierarchy of my government, my legions and the great houses! And woe be unto whosoever defies me in this righteous cause!”

After years of absence, the Empress returns to her people, just in time to halt the long-feared war over who would ascend to her Scarlet Throne. Yet, there‚Äôs more to her return than meets the eye, and the powers behind it will soon plunge Creation into a more terrible conflict by far, the Reclamation. It is into this time that our Sidereals are Exalt, yet they do so in a manner never meant by heaven. For the Perfect Circle of heaven is broken, and the Lotus has wilted, and destiny is impossible to read…

A Watchful Eye

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