The Primordials are beings that existed in the Wyld long before Creation was formed by their efforts. A Primordial is composed of lesser souls (usually 18 in number) — individual entities in their own right — which are also composed of autonomous lesser souls. Each Primordial has a favored concept or principal that it promotes or embodies, and each of its lesser souls also represent some aspect of the Primordial’s personality, or favored concept. These lesser souls are a kind of Eidolon. In addition, many primordials possess physical representations of themselves called jouten.

The Primordials were the original creators of Creation and its first rulers during the Age of Dominion. However, at the end of that age during the Primordial War the Gods rose up against them, with the aid of the Exalted. Though long and bloody, the war ended with the death or capture of almost all Primordials. Before the primordial war there were 27 primordials in total.

Since that period, all primordials can be divided into four possible types: The Captured, the Dead, the Intact, and the Missing.

The captured primordials are those who bowed to the Unconquered Sun in defeat, and were imprisoned within the body of their leader Theion – who became Malfeas.

The dead primordials are those slain, and who were trapped in the Labyrinth just on the cusp of oblivion – they became known as the Neverborn.

The intact primordials are those who did not suffer any of these fates, as they were allied with the gods during the primordial war. These are Autochthon and Gaia.

A number of primordials do not fall into any of thse categories. Some primordials were slain so thoroughly that they were actually eliminated from reality altogether. In addition, at the end of the Primordial War two primordials remained unaccounted for. One was responsible for the Aftershock War during the Unfurling Horizon Era, whilst the whereabouts and status of the last is still unknown.

A list of the primordials are as follows, along with their astrological correspondences from before the Primordial War:

  • Abhorrence of Life (Neverborn) (The Haywain)
  • Adorjan (Yozi) (The Sword)
  • Autochthon (Intact) (The Key)
  • Cecelyne (Yozi) (The Pillar)
  • Cytherea (Yozi) (The Lovers)
  • The Ebon Dragon (Yozi) (The Quiver)
  • Elloge (Yozi) (The Musician)
  • Father of Murder (Neverborn) (The Rising Smoke)
  • Gaia (Intact) (The Ewer)
  • Hegra (Yozi)
  • He who holds in Thrall (Neverborn)
  • Isidoros (Yozi)
  • Kimberry (Yozi)
  • Malfeas (Yozi) (The Mask)
  • Mardukth (Missing; Betrayed by one of his own lesser souls during the primordial war and absorbed into the power of Luna)
  • Metagaos (Yozi)
  • Oramus (Yozi)
  • Principle of Consumption (Neverborn)
  • Qaf (Yozi)
  • Sacheverell (Yozi)
  • She Who Lives In Her Name (Yozi)
  • Shadow Over Sun (Intact; Reborn into the form Julius Evola)
  • Szoreny (Yozi)
  • Ta’akozoka (Intact; Reborn into the form of Jesus Valencia)
  • Tears of Want (Neverborn)
  • Theion (Independant) (No constellation; the Radiant Firmament)
  • Unknown Primordial destroyed during the Aftershock War (Missing)


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