Crown of Thunders

The Crown of Thunders was an artifact of astonishing power crafted by Autochthon and given by the Unconquered Sun to the most prestigious of his Solar champions during the Primordial War.

At the beginning of the First Age the crown was given to Merela permanently by the Unconquered Sun as a mark of her dominion over Creation. She kept it until the Usurpation when it was pried from her brow by the Dragon-Blooded who slew her. It was then lost for some years until recovered by Kiral of Gens Parval, who declared himself King of Creation. He is slain by Jumar, who is Haraul, who is slain by Szesnen. Szesnen is slain by Absolom, the first Shogun.

The crown was broken by Shogun Valorian and a shard of it placed inside 30 legendary dailklaives that became known as the Swords of Heaven and were the mark of the Daimyo during the Shogunate.

During the First Age many replicas were made of the Crown. These artifacts, whilst potent, were a pale reflection of the true crown.

The Crown of Thunders is often believed to be the literal embodiment of the Creation Ruling Mandate. While popular, this assumption is wrong. Creation Ruling Mandate is completely seperate from the Crown of Thunder – as seperate as a King’s Royal Lineage and his Crown.

The Unconquered Sun bestowed the Creation Ruling Mandate upon Merela and the Crown of Thunder is hers as the proof of this great honor. However, Even if the crown was somehow destroyed the Mandate would be in no way affected.

Just as that it was not the act of Queen Merela giving up the Crown that shared the Creation Ruling Mandate, but the fact that she decided to share it. This esoteric distinction however was never made, since after Queen Merela’s the Crown was placed in the Solar Deliberative to “empower” the entirety of the Deliberative with the Creation Ruling Mandate.

The Crown is a elegant crown wrought of the purest orichalcum made by Sol Invictus’ own hands and radiates palpable power in pulses as if it is the heartbeat of Creation. It has 3 hearthstone settings and requires 10 moles of essence to attune. While none save Queen Merela have ever gained the chance to attune it, the crown can be readily attuned (still bound by Loyalty Rules) by anyone who is not a Creature of Darkness.

  • Once attuned it increases her primary attribute group by 3 dots each, secondary attribute group by 2 dots each, and the last attribute group by 1 dot each
  • These increase in attributes are considered natural increase and thus raises any applicable dice pool cap
  • The character is able to hear prayer and answer prayer made in Creationas if she is a God, including the ability to use charms through arcane link created by Prayer
  • Because of this transformative link the wearer’s Cult ratings are effective 1 dot higher
  • This item in no way circumvent or superseded the Celestial Law banning Solar Cults
  • The wearer is still not allowed to have organized worship of herself
  • The character is able to becoming immaterial for the purpose of entering Sanctums/Yu-Shan as a reflexive action and at no cost
  • The character becomes immune to all unnatural mental influence
  • The character adds her permanent Essence score to her Mental DVs.
  • The crown grants its wearer 3 automatic successes to all acts of leadership and command and negates all botch for these actions
  • Botches become simple failures
  • With 10 motes the wearer can bring forth the Creation Ruling Mandate into physicality
  • For the rest of the scene all beings of Creation1 – Creatures, Mortals, Exalts, Members of the Terrestrial Courts, and other Supernatural beings with Essence 3 or lower cannot take acts of aggression against her, nor can they resist her explicit commands.
  • This is a Perfect Unnatural Mental Infulence with the Compulsion keyword.
  • To Resist this unnatural mental influence cost a commitment of 2 Willpower and half their Essence Pool for a month and a day, during which they are immune to the mechanical effects of this compulsion
  • Those who are immune to this effect, such as the Bearer of Mecca, nonetheless still have their MDV halved

Crown of Thunders

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