Character Creation

Exalted: A Watchful Eye


This campaign will be an interesting experiment, I aim for there to really be no such thing as out of character knowledge in this game. The party will be a newly exalted batch of Sidereals right after the Perfect Lotus Massacre. Since you will more or less have the full run of Heaven you can know just about everything that you as player know with enough research.

Resources for Character Creation

Basically the full run of Exalted will be allowed to be used but here is a listing of ones that might be particularly useful:

The Core Book The Manuals of Exalted Power
Book of Sorcery 1: Wonders of the Lost Age Book of Sorcery 2: White and Black Treatise
Book of Sorcery 3: Oadenol’s Codex The Compass of Celestial Directions, Vol. I: The Blessed Isle
The Compass of Celestial Directions, Vol. II: Yu-Shan The Scroll of Errata’
Scroll of the Monk Scroll of the Monk: Imperfect Lotu
Scroll of Kings Scroll of Heroes’’
Shards of the Exalted Dream’’’ Return of the Scarlet Empress

‘We will be using the full Errata found here.
’’Merits and Flaws are accepted, this is a good reference
’’’All sorts of goodies to be found in here.

Loyalties and Starting Build

As stated you’ll be exalting just after the Perfect Lotus Massacre so you can start with whatever background your want. Traditionally Sidereals next Exaltations are known about significantly ahead of time and they are trained in special academies, but this is a special case. You can stick with that background or any other that you want because no one planed of all the Sidereals getting blowed up. Either way we are going to be using the Ronin rules for character creation because their will be no one to train you in how to do your jobs.


Choose concept, caste and Motivation. Note caste’s anima powers.

Attributes: Primary 8, Secondary 6, Tertiary 4

Abilities: Distribute 25 Ability dots. Ten are limited to Auspicious and Favored Abilities; 15 are unlimited. No Ability may rise above 3 before spending bonus points. The character has no
other restrictions about how to spend her Ability dots.

Advantages: Choose Backgrounds (seven dots, no Background higher than 3 before spending bonus points), Charms (eight, at least five from Auspicious or Favored Abilities, no Sidereal Martial
Arts Charms) and Virtues (begin at 1, five dots to spread, none higher than 3 before spending bonus points).

Finishing Touches: Record Essence (2 before bonus points), Willpower (sum of the two highest Virtues), Personal Essence pool ([Essence x 2] + Willpower), Peripheral Essence pool ([Essence x 6] + Willpower + [sum of all Virtues]) and health levels (7 + any from Charms). Spend bonus points (15) on any aspect of character creation + extra points earned do to house rules. Note changes in calculated values (such as Willpower and temporary Essence).

Character Affiliations

There are three factions a Sidereal working for the Bureau of Destiny can choose. Not all are equal. While the Factions no longer exist it’s still useful guide to what your character might think about solutions to the problem.

• The Bronze Faction is dominant and publicly supports the status quo—keeping the Terrestrials nominally in charge and the Solars out of the picture.
• The Gold Faction is the underdog but still a signifi cant source of contacts and leverage. This faction supports attempting a return to the First Age’s glory and methods.
• The Silver Faction is a group that belives it is the Lunars time to shine, nobody likes these guys.
• Independents publicly belong to no faction, though some Sidereals use Independent status as a cover.

Character Bio

I request at least one page of typed bio of your character. What has your character been doing, what is its past? I want you to flesh your character out here so we don’t have a bunch of random amalgamations of dots roaming the countryside. Remember that Creation is a very expansive – you can have just about any sort of history you want, so have fun with it. The more work you put in to your character bio the better I’ll know your character and the better I’ll be able to work with you. This is also your chance to put effective history (history that might come into play during the campaign) into your character. A childhood rivalry, an ancient curse placed on your family line, you name it and we can probably work something out. These bio’s will have in-game effects that will be very important not just to your character but to you as a PC (see house rules).

Character Creation

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