A Watchful Eye

Session Three - 1.13.14

In Which the Group Comes This Close to Doing Good

*Greg’s character Yige is lights-out for this session due to Greg’s absence.


  • Bocephus, Palor, and Yaeopa arrive at the Perfected Brotherhood of Illuminated Kingdoms.
  • They meet Jacquar, conversation and improper introductions are made.
  • Walking through the streets, Yaeopa says they are Sidereals in Old Realm.
  • Shortly thereafter, they encounter a Night Caste who stalks them and steals from Jacquar.
  • Following the trail of the Night Caste, they arrive at the house that belongs to the Solar Circle. After dealing with an irritable guard, they gain audience.
  • Manacled and weaponless, the Sidereals are assured of their safety as long as they do not attack.
  • A short conversation with the Solars is had, but is interrupted by the Roseblack, who was hiding behind a bookshelf. She announces that the party members are Celestial Exalted and part of the group that she informed the Solars about.
  • One Solar draws his daiklave, another begins casting a Solar Circle Spell.
  • Within seconds, a third Solar attacks Jacquar, who responds by blowing the arm and head off of the sorcerer.

The Proper Version:

The original group begins onboard the UFO, flying towards the Scavenger Lands. Their destination is the principality known as the Perfected Brotherhood of Illuminated Kingdoms – a land comprised of the three city-states Westpoint, Nethertown, and Shiny Cove. It is ruled by a tricameral legislature, which has seats reserved for high Essence users, mortals, and Enlightened mortals alike. The group’s official mission, make contact with the Solars and procure their assistance. That is their official mission. It is. Really.

Yaeopa summons a small pattern spider that serves as a research assistant. The spider is able to provide the names of the Solar leaders(a), as well as the name of the leader of the Cult of the Illuminated in the principality(b), and the leader of Netherton©.

They land just after dawn on <date> far enough outside the walls of Nethertown that they believe themselves to be hidden away. Yaeopa convinces the group that disguises would be a splendid idea, and she casts her new spell Disguise of the New Face upon everyone. Bocephus in particular has a Resplendent Destiny active, making him appear as an old blind Mortician. The group’s official cover story is that they are a group of Sijanese mourners come to town. Leaving the UFO with its stealth mode active, they depart for the town’s walls.

The road approaching Nethertown is similar to that of the Heptagram, except it comes in a green color. Mote regeneration is doubled and Yaeopa notes that the Essence flows in this area have been altered in such a way that they can independently power certain structures or artifacts that were built with this in mind.

Nethertown looms ever closer, a tiered city that is still being repaired from the ruin it once was. The gates stand open, with incredibly friendly guards posted out front. After issuing papers and answering their questions, the guards admit them to the city. The guards make it clear that almost all faiths are welcomed here in Nethertown, with the exception of demon worship; even Immaculates are able to practice their faith, though proselyting is frowned upon. All apparent weapons capable of doing harm are peace-bonded.

Within minutes of entering town, the three of them spot a stranger at a stall selling protective charms and books on Demonology. Quickly conferring with one another, they decide that this must be another Sidereal survivor, with Bocephus confirming it through the aid of his blindfold. Yaeopa comes up behind him and puts her hand on his shoulder, startling the paranoid PTSD-suffering stranger. A split-second later, Yaeopa is looking down the barrel of an elongated firewand. Within moments, a crowd gathers and shouts of guards can be heard echoing through the streets. Yaeopa quickly ducks behind Palor, who begins to sing a soothing song in Old Realm, both to assuage the crowd and the Sidereal.

Palor’s song seems to calm everyone present, however, the guards are on their way and, before more than the briefest of introductions can be made, they soon arrive. Luckily, Palor and Bocephus manage to convince the guards that they merely startled an old friend of theirs, with Jacquar grudgingly nodding his agreement. The guards issue a strict warning to Jacquar, but merely peace-bond his weapon and write his name in their ledger since the weapon was not loaded.

Offers on the behalf of the three friends of drinks and dinner are met with refusal by Jacquar. Confusion on both parties ensues as the three friends assume that the strange Sidereal is both aware of his status and a friendly individual who trusts random strangers approaching him in the street. Yaeopa announces in the middle of the bazaar that Jacquar is a Chosen of the Maidens, as they themselves are, and so work for the same people, namely Heaven. Jacquar agrees to walk with them on his way to his goal in order to discuss things of import. The party begins moving through the streets, switching the language that they are using from High Realm, Old Realm, Firetongue, Riverspeak, and Skytongue in order to avoid easy eavesdropping.

Along the way, it’s decided that they nominally have the same goals, i.e., the defense of Creation in the face of demonic hordes and the Scarlet Empress, and that speaking with the Solars who rule the city is the first objective. At some point during this walk, Bocephus notices that they are being followed and informs the group. Minutes later, an envelope belonging to Jacquar, bearing the seal of one of the Departments of Heaven, disappears from his pocket; it goes unnoticed until later. The party continues to converse as they make their way through the city, when Bocephus once again spots the man following them.
Quickly doffing his Resplendent Destiny, Bocephus appears behind the man and offers to speak with him in peace. Several moments pass as Bocephus stands there, before the man shoots up into the sky. Jacquar, now aware of the tail’s presence, attempts to tag him with an Essence-shot, but the man nimbly dodges mid-air. As the group watches the man run along buildings and jump through the air at incredible speeds, Jacquar feels in his pocket, noticing the missing envelope. Quietly announcing that he knows where the target is headed, Jacquar beckons for the rest to follow him.

The party arrives at a grand house on the 2nd tier of the city. Five Dragonblood, one of each Aspect, stand guard outside the doors. Jacquar approaches and inquires if the residence belongs to one of the Solars who leads the town. Rudely rebuffed, Jacquar requests an audience with the owner of the house. Rudely rebuffed again, Jacquar draws forth a satchel from his hip, containing various demon parts, and informs the guard, who shall be known as Dicky, that Jacquar encountered a group of demons not two days walk from this town and would like to speak to the Solar regarding this threat. Dicky goes inside, informing the group that he will verify the veracity of the story.

Less than half an hour passes as the party waits outside. Yaeopa begins inspecting the Dragonbloods’ armor and comments that they are of relatively recent make. She begins to ask questions of the youngest Dragonblood present – who, although the youngest, appears to be held in great respect. From the conversation, the guard reveals that he was raised by one of the Solars.

Soon enough, Dicky emerges from the house and informs the party that they will be granted an audience if they surrender their weapons and allow their hands to be bound by prayer strips. Jacquar inquires whether or not their safety will be guaranteed and that no harm will come to them, the guard insists that the Solars have sworn an oath to Heaven saying that they will not attack unless attacked. Palor, Jacquar, and Bocephus agree; Yaeopa remains outside. In an attempt to retain his weapon, Bocephus asks if a blind old man must go without his walking stick, in response of which the young Dragonblood offers his arm. The three bound Sidereals are then escorted into a small chamber, where five Solars await them, including the one who ran away from them in the market.

After bowing, Jacquar begins by asking what language is most well-suited for the occasion, to which the Zenith kindly replies that any language the party is comfortable with using is acceptable, he also informs the party that bowing is unnecessary. What follows is a confusing slew of statements, which lasts all of ten minutes. During that time, Jacquar makes a blunt request of their aid in response to the Scarlet Empress being revealed as aligned with Malfeas, <please>. This conversation is quickly interrupted by an explosion behind them as a bookcase is splintered in twain and the Roseblack marches out from behind it, daiklave drawn. She announces that the party are Celestial Exalted, those that she had warned the Solars about.

A moment later, one of the Solars begins casting an Adamant Circle spell and the one in full armor draws his Daiklave, unleashing his anima banner and begins charging down the stairs. Stunned silence is the response of the Sidereals. Palor soon drops to his knees in an attempt at supplication. Several more seconds pass before the Night Caste appears behind Jacquar and attacks him, paralyzing his back. As he falls, Jacquar responds with an attack against the Solar shaping an Adamant Circle spell. The five lesser signs of the Maidens appear upon the sorcerer’s shoulders, hips, and face before a brilliant ball of blue light smashes through his shoulder, severing it, rebounds through the other shoulder and hips without doing any apparent damage, before appearing before the sorcerer’s face, vaporizing it. Both Jacquar and the Solar sorcerer fall to the ground; one in better shape than the other.
The Solar who had drawn his Daiklave runs back in a futile attempt to aid his friend, smashing his fist into the wall when his efforts are in vain before bellowing out and glaring at the assorted manacled and paralyzed Sidereals.

The scene ends with the Roseblack activating a stealth charm that Bocephus can see through.

(a)Sato Miara; Hiroshi Watanabe; Maxim LeBlac; Sofis Afadimya; Ashim Roshan Abit Alavi

(b)Fang Huavin

©Alexandra Papa



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