A Watchful Eye

Session One

In which the circle exalts and inherits paperwork.

  • The circle is pulled into Yu-Shan through judicial use of Hand-Wave Astrology Prana and finds themselves inside a flying saucer.
  • The circle exalts. Everyone is momentarily stunned.
  • A discussion of naps results in the circle’s Indomitable Conquest Platform nearly being shot out of the sky by Yu-Shan artillery.
  • Yige enters a trance and recommends the circle head towards the burning crater that is the Perfected Lotus. The circle decides it’s a great idea.
  • The circle departs the saucer without napping and has a brief conversation with a Celestial Lion wherein they learn the term ‘Sidereal,’ how to call cloud skiffs and other minor details of life in Yu-Shan.
  • Rossanoga Bocephus successfully calls a cloud skiff and Yige learns one cannot push one’s traveling companions off mid-flight.
  • The circle arrives at the Perfected Lotus. Yaeopa stays outside to investigate, turning up evidence of Malfean sorcery surrounding the Lotus. The rest of the circle enters to find the gory remains of a great battle and what can be identified as servants of Malfeas.
  • Yaeopa rejoins the circle inside and they play with a map.
  • Tepet Ejava uses the warning mode on the Imperial Manse to condemn The Scarlet Empress as a tool of Malfeas and announce her support of the Righteous Orphan Rebellion. The broadcast is picked up by Yu-Shan and displayed on the ceiling of the Perfected Lotus. The circle is obviously in shock and doesn’t react too strongly to this.
  • Rossanoga Bocephus finds the corpse of the previous holder of his Exaltation, dream-Sifu and life-long bully and kicks the crap out of his corpse.
  • Palor of Ultimate Victory finds the woman in red and discovers a scroll from which he has Yaeopa decipher the coordinates of an island in the middle of the Western Ocean.
  • Yige and Yaeopa organize the corpses by obvious signs of their loyalties. Rossanoga Bocephus attempts to pray for undertakers and maids to take care of the bodies. Palor of Ultimate Victory dances The Dance of Mourning.
  • The circle spends the next three hours searching the Perfected Lotus, inheriting paperwork and artifacts, and hanging out in their fancy new offices. Palor of Ultimate Victory, not knowing the name of his previous incarnation, is left out of the fun.
  • Lytek shows up and gives us the rundown. He seems frustrated. Poor guy.
  • The circle parts ways to take care of business: Yige and Palor of Ultimate Victory petition for freedom of travel for the circle’s flying saucer; Yaeopa files a report with the Forbidding Manse of Ivy; Rossanoga Bocephus meditates for a few hours.
  • The circle spends time at Yige’s manse, gets permission to leave Yu-Shan in their airship, and departs for the coordinates of the island Palor’s previous incarnation had hidden in her scroll. Rossanoga Bocephus attunes to his blindfold and sacrifices his sight.
  • After an uneventful trip between the worlds, the circle explores the island. Yige and Rossanoga Bocephus stomp a First Circle Demon, and the circle discovers a cache of artifacts destined for Palor of Ultimate Victory.

End Session One


Nice job Alice, “Hand-Wave Astrology Prana” alone was practically worth one experience point..

Session One

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