A Watchful Eye

Session four 1.20.14

*We start the incident again with Kenny saying it’s ok to kill Justin’s character if they want to. Palor makes an appeal to the Dawn Caste to lay down his arms, and Greg and Alice enter into The Incident.

*After much confusion and arguments, the Eclipse caste Solar binds the group to a contract to not harm the Solars or use essence until the next dawn, doing the same to the Solar Circle.

*The group is brought together with the remaining solars, Tepet Edjava, and the mortal leader.

  • The group begins discussions with the Solars, with Greg’s character discussing war strategies to possibly help Lookshy with Justin and the Night Solar, Austin’s character speaking with the Eclipse, and Kenny going after the Dawn who got very upset and walked out of the discussion.

*The general consensus is that the Solars are bound under the Unconquered Sun to follow the mortals and protect them. Without being able to convince the country of the Malfean leadership in Lookshy, the Solars are extremely limited in how much time they are allowed to help the party. Several of the characters believe that it would be of great import to irrefutably prove that there are Malfean Exalted and they are heading up the Legions that are attacking Lookshy.

*Kenny’s character is frustrated with the rest of the group, highly mistrusting the Solars, and rightly so.

*Alice’s character spent much of the time speaking with the Solar crafter, showing him her ship and making plans for a possible landing.

  • The group does not seem to have a direction, yet again, at this point, but there are a number of ideas up in the air that are slowly coming together into a larger plan.



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