A Watchful Eye

Session 5 1/28/14

No ones dies...again.

While Palor and Jaquar are off discussing the benefits of party hats, Yeopa, Yegi and Bocephus discuss at length what the best next action they can do is to aid in the “saving” of Lookshy.

*It is discussed that out of the Solar Circle the Sidereals have met that Sato Miria (whatever) the Eclipse Caste crafter would probably cause the least amount of trouble in Yu-Shan thanks to his diplomatic immunity and his calm demeanor when faced with bad situations. There is discussion why it would be bad to allow the Dawn Caste into Yu-Shan (which does get discussed again). What the group decides is that they will take the Eclipse to Lytek as he is the only high ranking god that the group has met and based off our previous meetings Bocephus thinks he knows more than he is telling the group. Also, Lytek had mentioned that he trims the ‘memories’ of past lives from shards as part of his duty.

*Yeopa accompanies the Eclipse on a tour of his Factory Cathedral and the Capital of the principality. Yeopa notices that there are some peculiarities about the power consumption of the manse as well as reoccurring errors in the systems. Yegi meets up with the two of them and asks if the Eclipse can make a pair of jump harnesses of for Tepet Ejava and the Night Caste. The Eclipse does so and we begin the next step of our “plan” to “save” Lookshy.

*After much discussion on the logistics of the situation it is agreed that the best plan is to fly the Flaming Wheel of Ezekiel high above Lookshy and push (or let them jump) Tepet Ejava and the Night Caste (whos new name is The Night Caste) into the middle of the under siege for months, at war with the Realm, rioting in the streets city of Lookshy. Before we see if they survive the fall (thanks to the jump harnesses) Yeopa opens the portal to her manse, allows us in and before her cthonic guardian mind rapes us, lets us know we are welcome and lets us use her gate to Yu-Shan.

*The group arrives at the docking platform they recall from when they exalted with the Solar in tow. Yegi and Yeopa tell the Eclipse to manifest his caste mark for the Celestial Lions while Bocephus is telling the Lions they have a guest they would like to keep secret to take to Lytek on official emergency business of the Bureau of Destiny while requesting an escort. Getting nowhere without proper paperwork, the party decides to cloud skiff to the Crystal Spire and Lyteks office.

*On the way from the edges of Yu-Shan to the Central Metropolis, the group notices that outskirts of Yu-Shan are not as bustling as they could be. The find out that there has been a rash of murders in Heaven but do not look into it (yet?). Bocephus informs the group that murders in Yu-Shan fall under the purview of the Censure and Bureau of Heaven, Celestial Lions and Lesser Elemental Dragons will request the aid of the Bureau of Destiny if they feel they need it, until then he advises that the group should focus on the matter at hand. Of course it is mostly because his feelings are hurt because the Celestial Lions did not think that the first Solar to return to heaven in years did not deserve a protective escort…you know while people are being murdered.

*The group arrives at the Crystal Spire and gains meeting with Lytek. While the Eclipse is standing mouth agape at what he is seeing, the group explains to Lytek why exactly they brought the Solar before him. He is informed by the group that they have found a circle of Solars and this one is one that shows the qualities of Solars of old before they went mad with power (Bocephus). Also, he is asked to enlighten the Solar to show him the “In what capacity he was needed in the war with the Primordials” because “Creation is on the verge of falling to Malpheus and it’s agents if we do not jump start things”. More-so it is also explained that without advocates for the Sidereals and how they can aid the Chosen of the UCS and Luna all it will do is slow down any aid they can provide. Lytek agrees and takes Sata to talk to him in private about things. (Bocephus does not care if he learns about the Usurpation he tells the group, his plan is to see how he will react to learning about it).

*The group briefly parts to allow Lytek and Sata cuddle time. Yeopa goes to the Bureau of Secrets to research known disabled or forgotten first age weaponry or devices that can be used to bolster the forces of Creation. Yegi goes to the Crimson Panapoly to research tactical advantages that Lookshy might not be utilizing and learns that Lookshy is in a bad way. Much of their defenses are simply not powered up, they are on constant essence bombardment and their supply chain is severely limited with Port Calin under Realm Control. Also, he is able to see all the other battles raging across Creation namely that the Hundred Kingdoms are under total war and far, far to the East near the Wyld a battle rages of unknown forces. Bocephus, stays at Lytek’s office standing as close to the Celestial Lions as he can without them attacking him…but still making them feel really uncomfortable.

*Sato and Lytek’s meeting ends, the Eclipse walks out, head low and a ‘not as upbeat as he was before’ look on his face. The group asks him little, Bocephus tells him “Now you know the past, and with it how desperate we were to ask you to help” The Eclipse informs the group that he has seen much, but now needs to pray. The group tells him “He is free to do as he pleases” mostly because…well he is. They tell him they will meet up with him shortly and then go off to do other “things”. After a few days, they meet with him and he wishes to return to Netherton as the mourning period is over, which the group does…after trying to get him to just go to Lookshy to “save” it, he says he would rather just go home to talk with his circle.

Right now on the table we have discussed the following options to actually get the ball rolling on doing something rather than hemming and hawing on what we could do based on what we know right now In Character rather than things we do not know are happening behind the scenes.

Yegi suggested bringing appropriate leaders to Lookshy to help their cause. Bocephus agreed this would be the best option. But in what capacity there is some debate…How do we help them, how long do we help them and to what degree.

It was also suggested that we need something to prove to the Solar exalts we might meet that we have means to help them. We are aware that a trove of first age weaponry in Rathess. Yeopa and Bocephus think liberating these treasures as well as perhaps gaining allies in the Dragon Kings of Rathess might be beneficial. Yegi on the otherhand is opposed due to us being away from Lookshy for too long and it may fall. Bocephus suggests that getting the Solar’s in there to bolster its defenses, train the troops and maintain order as only they know how might by them enough time to run some errands.**



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