A Watchful Eye

Season 2 Episode 2 - 2.13.2014

Rathess is a Shithole

  • Palor is unusually quiet due to Austin’s absence **

Opening scene
The party is riding an elevator down, music that could only be of Malfean origin plays quietly in the background. Jacquar unconsciously taps his foot, Yige bops his head side to side, Yaeopa twirls her sleeves back and forth, and Bocephus’ fingers play along the hilt of his rusty sword, all to the beat; it is truly a sinister tune.

After what seems an eternity, the elevator dings, announcing its arrival at Floor 8. The doors open and the party snaps out of its mesmerized daze and leaves the elevator. The music is forgotten, but it is not gone. It is patient, it can wait, it knows its victims will have to return.

Floor 8 is disheveled. Broken furniture, slashes, perhaps from a long ago battle, decorate the walls and floor. However, unlike the other floors, this one has a constant source of light that is always on, running from backup Essence reservoirs, or so Yaeopa says. The flickering computers are present here as well and, after much consternation, Yaeopa announces that she might be able to fix the problem with a few days of effort. Jacquar asks whether or not they might be able to use the Essence reservoirs attached to the lights to power the computer.

The motonic activity is strong within the reservoirs, but it is no match for Yige Smashes. One of the reservoirs blows up as a result, returning the party to the original option of letting Yaeopa do her work.

Bocephus and Jacquar commence a thorough search of the floor while Yige explores a few of the other levels. Floor 6 is found to be locked and Floor 7 has a large pool in it. Yige Smashes prove to be an exercise in futility when directed towards the mighty door of Floor 6. An hour or so pass before Yaeopa, joking, says that maybe they should pray for assistance. Jacquar, whose sense of humor is eccentric to say the least, takes the suggestion seriously. Sacrificing one of the computers to her fiery glory, Jacquar beseeches the help of the god of the city, whoever she might be, culminating in a blast from his Firewand.

A woman of gold and fire appears from the smoking wreckage of the priceless First Age artifact. The party questions her, but in a polite way and ask what favor they may grant her in return. She informs them of the following:
Darkness resides within the Pyramid of the Sun in the central plaza.
The Dragon Kings of old have fallen to a primitive state, but still exist within the undercity.
A Forgotten God named Han-Tha exists within the city, he has a Solar who worships him along with a sizable cult.
Allies may be found in the city, Fair Folk reside here who may assist the party.

An uncomfortable silence follows the conversation as the god stares at them. The party members look at each other awkwardly and then back at the god. Jacquar then shrugs and utters the ancient ritual of dismissal, “Uh, okay. Oogity boogity?” The god disappears. These are the heroes that will stave off the Reclamation.

The party encounters the elevator, and the demon that resides within, one last time as they take it down to the ground floor. It is horrible. Once they have escaped, they spot the young Solar girl out in the fountain. She is back to her crying. The party discusses various options, including Yaeopa going out and comforting her, as she is the motherly one in the group. Before she has a chance to show off her mothering skills, Bocephus drop kicks the girl. Yes, these are our heroes.

The girl manages to avoid the lecherous Bocephus, darting away. Yige, someone who actually had a good idea, follows her in a demateralized state. She leads him to an abandoned tower where he stays and watches her for several minutes. Thankfully, he leaves before anything awkward can happen and returns to the group, reporting her location. The party shrugs, come to the conclusion of ‘fuck the bitch’ and march off in the opposite direction.

As they leave, Jacquar spots a flying demon out of the corner of his eye. Shooting the damned thing out of the sky, he announces that the eyes of Malfeas have found them and a stealthy approach is probably for the best. He suggests a stealthy approach through the sewers, but this plan is quickly aborted after some of the more sensitive members turn their noses up at the smell. Instead, the party journeys into the Undercity.

Bocephus scouts out ahead as the rest of the party hides behind rocks of various sizes; some of them are even quite large. He quickly comes back, reporting that a group of feral Dragon Kings are up ahead, feasting on some of the cannibals the party previously encountered. The group attempts to sneak past the vicious creatures, but Yaeopa spots a rather intriguing, to her at least, broken pot from the First Age, gasps in wonderment, and tries to draw the party’s attention to it, rather loudly.

Soon the party is engaged in a running battle with a group of Dragon Kings. After less than a minute, the Dragon Kings are all dead or in retreat. A short walk later, the party encounters a woman, Jacquar’s missing, but presumed dead, wife. The fact that she appears out of the shadows does nothing to put Jacquar off as he stares in wonderment, but this is quickly cut off as Yige stabs her through with his sword. Enraged, Jacquar fires upon Yige, who parries the blast, with the woman’s body. Seeing his attack turn his wife turn into ash in front of him, Jacquar collapses into a catatonic state.

Bocephus picks up the catatonic Jacquar and the party treks up ahead where they are met with the site of hundreds of Demons and Fair Folk. The party retreats to the surface, with the creatures of darkness hot on their heels. The party reaches the exit to the surface, where they originally came from, and Yige begins to smash the tunnel in hopes of causing a cave-in. He mostly succeeds, resulting in him flying out of the tunnel’s mouth and catching up with the party as it retreats to the tower that they started the episode in.

Screaming “The demons are coming! The demons are coming!” as they approach the tower, they spot the same Solar girl crying by the fountain. She looks up and, instead of running away in fear, she launches herself at the oncoming demon horde.



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